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Ceramic MugThe Fisherman's Glossary


The Fisherman’s Glossary Bite – What the mosquitoes and black flies do while the fishermen are preoccupied with not catching fish. Can of Worms – The situation that arises when you inform your wife that you’ll be spending the weekend fishing instead of doing household chores. Crappie – The way you feel when you’re at work and you’d rather be fishing. Dock – The professional you should probably consult about your unhealthy fishing obsession. Fish Finder – A revolutionary technological devise that allows you to scan below the water’s surface and actually see the fish you’ll never catch. Largemouth Bass – The most popular game fish in North America. Drop the “B,” and it also becomes an accurate description of most fishermen. Muskie – The odor of any tent or cabin after a group of fishermen has shared it for more than a day. Snag – Something you’re bound to hit if you try lying too outrageously about your catch. Walleye – Common malady among fishermen, caused by too little sleep and too much beer. Wet Fly – The unhappy consequence of trying to urinate over the side of a moving boat.

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Ceramic Mug Features:

• Holds a generous 12 ounces
• Large, easy grip handle
• Dishwasher and Microwave safe
• Packaged in sturdy decorative box


Artist: Boots Reynolds  
Item#:  56060
Size:  12 oz Mug