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Behind the Scenes at Leanin' Tree

  • Leanin' Tree was founded in 1949 by Ed Trumble.
  • It is employee owned.
  • When you buy a Leanin' Tree card or gift, you are voting with your dollar to keep quality jobs here in America.
  • All our cards are created, produced and shipped from our facility in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.
  • We could have sent the work overseas, but we made the decision to keep these jobs at home - This way we support our schools, fire & police departments, libraries and local communities.
  • It also allows us to ensure we produce the highest quality product around.
  • In addition, we can react quickly to customer needs, adjusting production to ensure we ship what our customer's need, right when they want it.
  • In this time of outsourcing to foreign countries, we are very proud to be American made.
  • On behalf of the 200 employees at Leanin' Tree and our many U.S. business partners, thanks for supporting a "Made-in-America Business."